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I simply called 222-2222 and they took care of everything. I didn't have to pay anything up front. My case was handled quickly and professionally, I am very happy with the settlement the attorney from Los Abogados negotiated for me and recommend them to my family and friends. - John Lopez

Legal Services
Our focused areas of practice:


Personal Injuries

All types of accidents resulting in an injury to the body, mind and/or emotions due to the negligence of others.


Workers Compensation

Injuries at work may receive compensation for economic loss and medical expenses.


Immigration Reform
Focused on helping people with a wide range of immigration issues.


We help clients resolve debt, tax, litigation and foreclosure problems.


Defending individuals with all levels of criminal cases, both misdemeanors and felonies.


Do you need an attorney?

Have you been in an auto accident?
Have you been injured at work?
Do you require medical care due to an injury?
Do you need a lawyer to protect your legal rights?
Are you facing extreme financial challenges?
Does immigration reform affect you or your family?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then "We Can Help!"

We can assist you in getting your life back together.

You've had an accident and it seems like your life has been turned upside down. You may have sustained extensive property damage as well as personal injuries. It's hard to think clearly at this point and you are anxious to "do something".

Thankfully there are professionals who are in the business of helping people just like you. We are part of that vast team of professionals. In fact, we are one of the leaders.

Our staff and management here at Los Abogados 222-2222 have been delivering quality legal services for over 30+ years. We've joined with several professional law firms to form a group (or network) of legal specialists who really know how to take care of your legal needs. We have helped thousands of individuals and families.

We help in a number of different ways:

  • First we listen to your problem

  • We ask pertinent questions that will help with your case evaluation

  • Someone within our network will be available to best serve your needs

  • A law office (experienced in Workers Compensation) will first address your injuries and medical attention

  • A law office (experienced in Personal Injury) will first address your medical and property damage issues

  • You may select medical care in your area (convenient to home or work)

  • Our vast network of legal connections will be superior to any searches you may do on your own

  • We have a great telephone number - 323-222-2222 - "The number that is impossible to forget!"

Although we as a group do not control the business practices of specific law offices, in almost all cases, there are no out of pocket fees required of you. Generally, the attorneys will work on your behalf to see that your personal injuries are taken care of and also deal with insurance companies to help you recover monetary damages that resulted from the accident. Remember! For personal injury and workers compensation cases, there are no out of pocket fees required of you.

Our trademark phone number 323-222-2222 should work in most areas in California.